Borga Marmi

Borga Marmi, “The Italian Passion For Stone”, have been in the field since 1891. It was in that year that the current owners’ great-great grandfather Domenico Borga, born in Nice in 1864, set up his first marble processing workshop in San Remo, following in the footsteps of his father, Carlo Giuseppe. The latter was a brilliant stone cutter from Barge (TO) who had moved to Cote d’Azur in 1834 and proven his skills by actively participating in the construction of Monte-Carlo Oceanographic Museum and in that of Villa Ormond in San Remo. Domenico Borga, a skilled stone mason himself, took part in the 1901’s restoration works involving St. Siro Cathedral, in detail reconstructing part of the time-worn stone wheel-window.

Since those days, the name Borga has always been associated with granitic devotion and passion for marble, to such an extent that a number of works in this fine material, handcrafted by Domenico Borga and his son carrying the same name, can still be admired in San Remo Monumental Cemetery.

Years went by and the company slowly grew achieving medium-size standard in1964. Under the lead of Dott. Antonio Borga the workshop and the showroom were enlarged, and cutting-edge machinery was purchased to enhance the production of marble and granite items, with renewed passion and utmost care.

Today, the team’s strengths are talent and love for marble, combined with Anna’s taste for design and Stefano’s entrepreneurial skills. The great knowledge and experience heritage in marble processing has been handed down intact through time, along with passion for making the best of the natural beauty of such material.