Borga Design is active in all fields of application involving marble, granite and natural stone. The offer includes stairs, floorings, kitchen tops, bathroom tops, outdoor and indoor coatings, window ledges and portals for banks, churches, hospitals, railway stations and dwellings.
Borga Design manufacture tops in lightweight marble, granite and quartz with Eulithe.  The perfect option for ship design strict onboard load requirements..
The technical office, active throughout Italy and the Cote d’Azur, works in close contact with the best designers, architects, surveyors and engineers, proposing comprehensive service: from design stage and material, cut and finish guidance, to production and installation.

Borga Design’s style is all about fair and friendly customer approach, aimed to provide the best, both quality and price wise.  Processing covers all application fields of marble, granite and natural stone: functional and durable materials, suitable for artistic, as well as standard, production. Borga Design offer their clientele unique products, created to suit personal requirements and needs.



For creating marble, granite and quartz items, Borga Design rely on a broad range of modern and computerised machines, as well as on tools purposely designed for works that others cannot perform.

More specifically, Borga Design boast three numerical control machines, avail of a cutting-edge engraving machine for bas-reliefs and photographs on marble and also propose water jet technology supported by high-tech marble/granite processing machines.

Such machines are essential for enhancing Borga Design’s production pace while guaranteeing unchanged precision and top quality.
Nowadays, Borga Design can create virtually anything with marble, granite, slate, quartz and technology.
Borga Design’s philosophy is all about achieving the best standards and prices through constant updating and state-of-the-art machinery.