Mosaic: Mosaic is an ancient art that, through the composition of many pieces of materials such as marble stone or glass or semi-precious materials, leads to the creation of designs and environments unique and unrepeatable.
Depending on the techniques and materials used, we can distinguish between:

Artistic Mosaic: artistic is the mosaic that reflects the ancient Roman and Byzantine traditions and, through the use of tools like hammer and chisel, allows you to create beautiful frescoes, starting from high quality raw materials such as marble, stone, glass and gems.
Hand-craft Mosaic: born from the need to facilitate the processing of mosaic and to speed up its implementation. The cards are pre-cut by the use of modern machinery and then assembled, following predefined designs, by mosaic experts. This is the technique used for making rosettes, modern mosaic walls, decorations and inlaid floors.
Using the mosaic you can beautify environments with decorations and fittings, creating scenes of great charm in the style Byzantine (hammam, steam room and spa), indoor and outdoor decorating with modern and ancient motifs.
Borga Design offers its customers the best brands of glass, stone marble and precious materials mosaics.
We are at your disposal for the design and installation of cladding, flooring and complete environments (hammam, steam bath, wellness centers, etc.) made with mosaics made unique by the expert hands of the best carvers.