Bathroom loors and claddings

Our company is specialized in the production of bathroom wall tiles in marble, travertine, limestone and onyx both domestic and external.
Thanks to the many types of materials, we can provide a wide range of colors that can satisfy various customer requirements.
The bathroom wall tiles can be made:

  • in standard formats (modulmarble) – 60×30 40×40 30×30
  • cut to size: that is creating pieces cut in large format plates (eg 120×60 cm) according to the project carried out by our trained technicians following the measurements made on site.
  • Bookmacthed, creating a unique design that is taking advantage of the veins and the most beautiful colors of the natural materials used.

Our staff can join forces with architects or interior designers, for the most appropriate choice of materials and finishes.


A great importance in the project of a bathroom’s coating has the architectural style to represent.

The richness of colors and finishes for a classic bathroom tiled with light and dark marble as Statuario White and Grey Bardiglio with the inclusion of elements of the frieze as bullnose , moldings and wainscoting can be contrasted with a choice of an ultra-modern monochrome elements represented by marbles or limestones uniforms as Crema Luna Crema Marfil or Botticino.

Very popular for upholstery and floors of the bathrooms are Onyx, beautiful materials and colors from bright streaks of light and visual impact.

Great importance in the construction of a bathroom in marble or stone of great beauty is that the installation should be performed by qualified personnel who are able to harmonize the best colors and veins of marble, and uses adhesives and products specific treatment for this kind of materials that preserve the beauty and luster over time.

Borga Design is able to offer a complete service in the world in the production and installation of floors, walls, shower floors and marble bathrooms, stone, limestone, onyx, travertine, quartzite, slate and granite.

In carrying out our manufacturing and installation of floor and wall tiles bathrooms have helped to decorate the most beautiful villas and houses built and renovated in Sanremo and the province of Imperia, in the Cote d’Azur in the South of France, in the region of the VAR in Russia and Kazakhstan, in London, Paris and so on.

We have also participated in major projects of naval refitting and refurbishment of large hotels and accommodation structures.