DuPont Corian for boats and yachts

Ships and boats have strict requirements –  Corian ® is a IDEAL SURFACE FOR YACHTS, BOATS AND CRUISE SHIPS

Corian ® has become increasingly popular with naval architects thanks to its unique characteristics of aesthetics and functionality. Durable and easy to repair , Corian ® is the right choice for surfaces exposed to moisture , UV rays and extreme temperatures . Corian ® is the ideal material for surfaces for yachts , cruise ships , ferries , ships, houseboats , offshore platforms , sailboats and motorboats. BORGA DESIGN uses DuPont ™ Corian ® because it can be cut, shaped and joined so as to fit precisely in confined spaces present on boats and ships , plus allows you to create unique and custom objects and furnishings that express the identity of the owner or of the shipping company . By its nature, waterproof and resistant to extreme weather conditions , it is the high-performance material ideal for the realization of the internal surfaces of cruise ships , ferries, luxury yachts, military vessels , houseboats , offshore platforms , sailboats and motorboats.

Carrying out our manufacturing and installation of Corian we have collaborated with the most prestigious shipyards in the world.