Backlight translucent surface

Our company is specialized in the production and laying of floors and walls in backlit onyx and semi-precious materials.

Thanks to the many types of materials, we can provide a wide range of colors that can satisfy various customer requirements.
Such installation allows you to enjoy the translucency of fine materials such as onyx, alabaster, agates, amethyst and all the semi-precious materials.

The modern use of LED lights combined with the beautiful colors and fascinating veins of onyx and semi-precious materials allows you to create unique play of light in the most prestigious homes.


Our staff can join forces with architects or interior designers, for the most appropriate choice of materials and finishes for the construction of floors, walls and baseboards backlit.

Borga Design is able to offer a complete service in the world in the production and installation of floors, walls and beliefs in backlit onyx and semi-precious materials.

These installations allow you to give a tone of uniqueness to prestigious yacht, public entertainment venues, housing, hotels and large receptive structures.

The attention to modern use of natural materials makes us unique in creating works of great merit between light and stone.

In carrying out our manufacturing and installation of floors and walls in backlit onyx and semi-precious materials have helped to decorate the most beautiful villas and houses built and renovated in Sanremo and the province of Imperia, in the Cote d’Azur in the South of France, in the French region of VAR, Russia and Kazakhstan, in London, Paris and so on.