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Pools Sales and Construction

Borga Design is the exclusive distributor of Desjoyaux Pools group based in San Remo.
In our showroom you will find qualified personnel who will follow you in the construction, renovation and maintenance of your pool from project design through construction. In our showroom you can find all the accessories for the maintenance and cleaning of the pool.

A swimming pool becomes an important space in the house. design element in harmony with the garden and the surrounding areas, is also the place for relaxation, recreation, sport, sharing moments with family or friends.

Desjoyaux ( is the leading company in the world for the construction of underground pools with over 500 sales outlets in 80 countries and has been chosen by 150,000 families. Born from the idea of ​​genius Jean Desjoyaux that more than 40 years ago decided to build a swimming pool for his family, now applies equally passion, tradition and innovation at the customer service from knowledgeable staff and patented technologies that allow the creation of a swimming tailored, ecological, and can reduce waste and save.

Private pool

The active permanent formwork is the patented desjoyaux system for the construction of inground concrete pool. The first step is to realize the mold through precision industrial tools of a formwork in the form of propylene by the client. This is then placed in the ground and filled with concrete. It is thus possible to build a pool of the desired shape, resistant, leak-free and durable.

Filtration without ducts

Another important patent Desjoyaux is that of the filtration system without ducts that exploits the gyration system: the water is sucked by the skimmer, filter and returned to the pool. This makes it possible to purify by bacteria much smaller than a conventional system, the water is not wasted throwing it into the sewer system and is no longer necessary to have a special room with long pipelines, so it becomes possible to save space and avoid frequent interventions maintenance.


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Vendita e costruzione Piscine Desjoyaux Borga marmi 6
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