Borga Design Srl deals with the design and realization of interiors for high-end boats, made of marble and natural stones of the finest varieties. We produce floors, walls and vanity tops in marble and onyx for yachts, cruise ships and supeyachts.

The selected materials can be pulled over the alveolar to match the beauty of natural stone with the lightness dell’honeycomb.

The lightened marble is a material composed of a slab of real marble, granite or stone with a thickness of about 5mm, glued to a panel by means of suitable resins, which can be aluminum honeycomb, PVC, polypropylene or glass. The aluminum honeycomb panel is aeroderivative. The marble has a lighter specific gravity of about 16kg/mq. and its use is perfectly suited to the needs of the most modern ships.

Borga Design collaborates with the most important Italian and foreign shipyards for the construction of fine furnishings in onyx and marble.
In addition to the delivery service our company is engaged in laying out yacths, superyacths and cruise ships of floors, walls and top.